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Scholarship program for researchers on China at the China-Mexico Studies Center 2018

In order to improve knowledge about the People's Republic of China, the Center for China-Mexico Studies of the Faculty of Economics of the National Autonomous University of Mexico directs members of the academy, business, government and the public in general. next:


To participate in the selection process of Scholarship program for researchers on China at the China-Mexico Studies Center 2018


1. Researchers and academics from public and private education institutions of technical or higher level, public officials, members of institutions or companies with proven experience in the analysis of China and whose profile is related to the topics mentioned below and submit proposals may participate. to improve knowledge about China in Latin America and the Caribbean and Mexico. The Scholarship Program is aimed at researchers of any nationality.
2. The objective of the Scholarship Program is to generate projects, programs, publications and / or methodologies to improve knowledge about China based on existing knowledge with relevant purposes for academia, business organizations and / or the public sector in Latin America and the Caribbean and Mexico. The Scholarship Program emphasizes the importance of starting from the existing knowledge on the specific subject and allowing a process of public learning.
3. The specific research project can cover, from a multidisciplinary perspective, any field on China and the relationship between China and Mexico, including historical, environmental, agricultural, social, cultural, economic, political and learning aspects of Chinese, among others. .

4. The scholarship is individual and covers 20,000 pesos per month for up to six months in 2018; the scholarship does not cover any other aspect. During the research stay the Cechimex will offer, additionally, conditions to carry out its research in the Cechimex (access to libraries of Cechimex and UNAM, desk, internet, etc.). 5. It is a prerequisite that applicants have work and personal availability to carry out their research stay at Cechimex during the period of the scholarship. 6. Applicants interested in conducting a research stay at Cechimex for up to six months in 2018 must meet the following requirements:

to. Deliver a research project for the period of stay of 3 pages (in Spanish or English) including the period of stay, schedule of activities, objectives, expected results, justification of the subject and experience in the subject. b. Curriculum vitae of maximum 3 pages including your current employment status.
c. Official identification document.
d. The request with this information should be sent to the email:

Interested persons can send applications immediately and until August 31, 2018; The applications will be answered as they are received and can cover from 3 to a maximum of six months of 2018. The decision of the Selection Committee will be unappealable. The results will be sent to the respective applicants.

Resulting proposals from the Mexico City-China Scholarship Program

The Mexico City-China Scholarship Program is organized by the Ministry of Science, Technology Innovation of the Federal District of Mexico (formerly known as the Institute of Science and Technology of the Federal District) and the China-Mexico Center of Studies at the Faculty of Economics from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, aimed to improve the competitiveness of Mexico City through proposals that would improve the socioeconomic development of the city based on projects, programs, technologies, policies, research and methodologies proven as successful in the PRC. The generated proposals promote the development of the agricultural, industry and service sectors, as well as infrastructure for social and productive purposes, and the strengthening of local finances, including also educational, cultural and public health aspects. The resulting proposals from this program are shown below:




Video feature on the Mexico City-China Scholarship Program