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3er. Seminario de Microeconomía Heterodoxa

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The Third Heterodox Microeconomics Seminar aims to become a space for discussion and analysis of microeconomics from a non conventional theoretical perspective, and thus contribute to the development of research, communication and discussion among the community of scholars from the fields of theory of the firm, monopoly, transnational corporations, industry, consumers, market, and the microeconomic foundations of macroeconomics.

The heterodox microeconomics embrace different fields of knowledge and approaches to microeconomics topics, these came from diverse school of thought as: Pos-Keynesian, Evolutionist, Marxist, Regulationist, Institutionalism, Ricardian, Neo-Austriac, etc

This year, we have as special speakers: the Dr. Frederic Lee from UMKC, USA. and Dr. Stephen Dunn from NHS East of England.

The conference languages are English and Spanish.