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The China-Mexico Center of Studies known in Spanish as CECHIMEX (Centro de Estudios China-México) was formally created through the internal agreement of the Faculty of Economics (FE) of the UNAM on January 27th, 2006 for the operation, supervision and development of such unit, being the Principal Dr. Robert I. Escalante Semerena, thereby becoming part of the organization of the FE, where appropriate administrative and academic activities are developed. Thus the Cechimex was formally opened in May 2006. It is important to observe that the center does not yet have established sources of financing, so the activities are carried out through cooperation agreements with different institutions interested in the subject and with the infrastructure and resources provided by the same faculty.

In order to promote institutional cooperation on the subject of China and its research under a broad academic range, the Cechimex encourages debate on national policies and strategies, as well the inclusion of Mexico at regional and international level, bringing in other agencies of the UNAM, without excluding public and private institutions of national and international level in order to develop long-term projects.

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